Waiting for NCLEX.

Good news: I graduated! Along with the smartest, finest looking group of nurses this side of anywhere. We are all pretty sure we’re going to fix health care. Be on the lookout.


Bad news: I hurt my back moving boxes and carrying around my 45 pound child.


Good news: It’s you and me laptop stuck in a supine position!

I’ve been meaning to blog you this: my short piece of writing was published as an editorial in the Washington Post and then recorded for airing on local NPR affiliate WVTF. I AM LIKE FAMOUS. In all seriousness I am very humbled at how a wee handful of words caused a number of wonderful people to go out on a limb for me and support what I’ve done. My school values writing and reflection as a part of creating resiliency in nurses. My clinical faculty encouraged me to submit my writing. And a very awesome former journalist current writer went out of her way to help get my piece published. You people get a round of applause.

Now that I’m 95% RN I’m waiting for the boards to make it official. I’ve been transcripted, fingerprinted, background checked, notarized, certified by mail, and written many checks. So now I anxiously thumb through NCLEX licensing exam study guides as I wait for the Board of Nursing to approve me for an opportunity to sit for the big test. I secretly love it.


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