More sexy nurses than you can handle

and by sexy I mean dogged, intelligent, intuitive, creative, and progressive. When I started my nursing education I was looking for the technical skills to care for those in need. Learning more about the field I’ve come to realize that being a nurse is a call to be a strong advocate, influential progressive, and great humanitarian. I can’t describe how thrilling (and daunting) it is to be a part of this heritage.


1.) Florence Nightengale (uh duh): Left life in the lap of luxury to minister to soldiers on the front of the Crimean war, way ahead of the times advocate for sanitation and hygiene, foundations of nursing education, kickass poison pen letters.

2.) Walt Whitman: Volunteer Civil War nurse, recorded dying soldiers’ narratives and wrote letters to their loved ones, fell in love with everything and wrote best poetry of all time forever.

3.) Clara Barton: Fought the man to get supplies to the front in the Civil War, founded Red Cross, sustained bullet holes in petticoat. The only nurse I’ve ever been for Halloween (I was like 10).

4.) Lillian Wald: Visiting Nurse Service of NY providing home visiting nurses to immigrant tenements, Henry Street Settlement House (comprehensive health and social services), foundations of public health nursing and social work.

5.) Margaret Sanger: Women’s health advocate of the century, THE PILL (offering it, doing research on its safety and efficacy), Planned Parenthood, ballsy civil disobedient. Her flier is even multi-lingual! ❤ ❤ ❤



3 thoughts on “More sexy nurses than you can handle

  1. Can we talk for a moment about professionalism in nursing? It occurred to me yesterday that one of the highest honors in nursing, becoming a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN), is generally referred to as a “fanny.” That’s right…the best and brightest nursing has to offer share the title your grandmother uses for your rear end.

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    1. Aw man I hadn’t heard that yet. This is a puzzler to me. I can see it from both old and new school feminist perspectives: do we need more austere professional reserve like our “serious” professional counterparts (docs), or do we promote and validate the unique feminine qualities of a woman-dominated field that yields cute nicknames like “fanny?” Well you know what has my vote: EVERYONE GROW UP. TAKE ME SERIOUSLY.


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